While Lynchburg’s Mid-Atlantic location and versatile workforce are certainly attractive to big businesses, the abundance of water in the Region is a draw with more than 25 million gallons per day in excess.  While the James River is the most visible source of water in the Region, most of the water comes from the Pedlar Reservoir in Amherst County. The reservoir’s watershed is located completely in the George Washington National Forest.

Water Treatment

The Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant treats an average of 13 million gallons a day with a peak of 36 – 40 million gallons. It serves the City of Lynchburg, as well as, the counties of Amherst, Bedford and Campbell. This state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility represents long-term commitment and cooperation by the citizens of our Region to protect the state’s natural resources.
The primary objectives of the Regional Waste Water Treatment Plant are to:
  • Provide the highest quality treatment at the lowest cost
  • Protect the safety of the public using water for consumption, recreation and other purposes
  • Protect the environment, marine life and future generations


Telecommunications capability is in place throughout the metropolitan area with multiple providers of fiber optic and long-distance services. Lynchburg Regional businesses find it easy to meet their telecommunications needs in a cost-effective manner. Our region is serviced by Comcast, Shentel, Mid-Atlantic Broadband, Verizon and Lumos Networks.


In choosing a location for your business, regardless of size or industry, electric considerations are of the utmost importance. The Lynchburg Region offers competitive, stable and reliable electric energy provided by Appalachian Power, Central Virginia Electric Cooperative, Dominion Virginia Power, and Southside Electric Cooperative. Our electric providers can offer rates to industrial customers as low as .047₵ kilowatt per hour. These low electric rates, coupled with our knowledgeable technical workforce, low natural disaster occurrence, and large water supply, are making the Lynchburg Region a prime area for new and expanding business.